and thence gather food for your soul”
—Spiritus Paracletus, 43

Anyone who’s ever tried to read the whole Bible knows it can be just that – a challenge.

The 90-Day Bible Challenge makes it easy by focusing in on the underlying story that ties the Bible together and makes sense of it all.

Instead of reading all 73 books of the Bible, you’ll just read 14. Starting with Creation and the Garden of Eden, you’ll continue through the birth of Israel and the coming of the prophets until you end with the coming of Christ and the start of the Church.

This 90-Day guided tour through that story breaks it down into time periods to help you keep track of your progress and remember the basic plot. (This methodology is based on the extremely popular and effective Bible Timeline study system. Every day, I will send you an introduction to the period or an overview with that day’s reading. A single question will help you reflect on what you’ve read. Click on the link by the question to share your thoughts with others or to see how they respond.

Getting Ready

Spending daily time reading the Bible is a wonderful way to grow close to God. Before you begin, it is important that you decide on a regular time and place. And be sure to pray before you read. I recommend the St. Ephraim prayer.

Though links will be provided to the daily readings, having a physical Catholic Bible to do these readings generally provides for a better more prayerful experience.

Just getting started?

Catch up on the reflections you missed here.

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Finally, though not essential, you might consider recording your thoughts and progress in a journal.

I’ll be taking the challenge right along with you. May God bless you as you read his word!

Sarah Christmyer
Author, The Bible Timeline Guided Journal