90 Day Challenge – Day 82

Jesus continues to teach his disciples in today’s readings, often with parables, as he continues his journey toward Jerusalem. In chapter 19, we read of his triumphant entry into the city. He rides on a donkey in the manner of a king riding to his coronation.

90 Day Challenge – Day 81

Jesus uses a number of parables in today’s reading to explain the nature of the kingdom of God that he is establishing. (A parable here is a comparison in which something “real” is used to get across a spiritual meaning.) As you read, take note of the reaction of the Jewish leaders to the things Jesus says.

90 Day Challenge – Day 80

Today’s chapters are packed with familiar episodes from the life of Christ: the mission of the Twelve; the feeding of the 5,000; Peter’s confession; the Transfiguration – and that’s just part of chapter 9. Take particular note of these things as you read.

90 Day Challenge – Day 79

After being tempted in the desert down south near Jerusalem, Jesus returns to Galilee (up north) by the power of the Holy Spirit. The description of his ministry there continues through chapter 9.

90 Day Challenge – Day 78

We will read about the period of Messianic Fulfillment as it is told in the gospel of Luke. Today’s chapters cover the birth of Jesus, his baptism and temptation in the desert, and the start of his ministry in Galilee.