Building a Bible Study and Faith Formation Core Team

“Two are better than one…three-fold cord is not quickly broken”—Ephesians 3:9,12

As the old saying goes, “many hands make light work.” We strongly recommend creating a team of people who share in your vision. Selecting the right people for your team is an important first step in running a fruitful study.

In the first stages of running a bible study, some tasks can be combined, and depending on the size of your study, you may only need two or three people to start. One person can fill two or more roles on your core team.

One of the tremendous benefits of running an Ascension Press program is that your parish will be well-prepared to manage future events, Bible studies and programs of all kinds.

  1. Roles of the Bible Study Core Team
  2. Who Should Be on the Team?
  3. 4 Places To Find Core Team Candidates 

How to Start Catholic Bible Study