90 Day Challenge – Day 83

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Bible Time Period: Messianic Fulfillment

You sent your only Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah, to fulfill all your promises: Give me new life in him.


As we saw yesterday, the disciples couldn’t conceive of a suffering Messiah.  Yet Christ came for that very purpose.  Today’s reading shows him heading resolutely for the Cross.  In his suffering, Christ takes upon himself the curse of Adam (the toil; the thorns’ the sweat) and the curse of death.  By pouring himself out in love to death, he saves.  He takes on our curse and offers us his life.

Key Verse to Remember from the Period of Messianic Fulfillment

“Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.  And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.  He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there will be no end” (Lk 1:30-33).

Today’s Reading

Luke 21-24

Today’s Question

This concludes the period of Messianic Fulfillment, and you are nearly done this reading challenge!  Re-read the account of Jesus’ appearance to disciples on the road to Emmaus (24:13-35).  What does it tell you about the value of what you have been doing these past 83 days?

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Sarah Christmyer

Sarah Christmyer is co-developer with Jeff Cavins of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible study program. She serves as Strategic Consultant of The Great Adventure and is author or co-author of a number of the studies. Sarah has thirty years of experience leading and teaching Bible studies. She helped launch Catholic Scripture Study and is co-author of "Genesis Part I: God and His Creation" and "Genesis Part II: God and His Family," published by Emmaus Road. Sarah has a BA in English literature from Gordon College in Wenham, MA, and is working toward a Masters of Theology at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. Raised in a strong evangelical family, she was received into the Catholic Church in 1992. Sarah also writes at comeintotheword.com/.

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  • Margie

    This journey I have taken through the Old Testament to Luke has been a remarkable time for me. It has been a nice journey with others in this challenge as we walked hand in hand down this road, reading the most spiritual and intelligent thoughts of others. I don’t think I would have gotten so much out of reading the Bible on my own. Though I got behind and hardly on schedule with everyone, I never skipped a daily reading and always posted my own reflection, even if I am a day or two or three behind. Because Jesus is in the hearts of us all, I feel I have been walking with Jesus this entire time maybe seven miles of spirituality and guidance.

  • Janet

    “Were not our hearts buring (within us) while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us?” (Lk 24:32). Thank you, Sarah, for initiating this challenge! Thanks to all of you who embarked on this journey with me and so many others! You all helped to open the scriptures to me through your knowledge and insights. The structure of this journey has been so very helpful to me and has kept me disciplined, for the most part, in delving into scripture. It has been in reading what each of you have shared, from your lives, from what you have learned that I had not, and by your inspiring insights into what the scriptures are speaking to you. Thank you, Lord, for these truly wonderful, inspiring people!

  • Susan

    Reflecting on the last 83 days in light of the reading about the Road to Emmaus, I am sure Christ has been walking with each of us as we have studied and shared the history of salvation through the Bible. Our road has been one of reading, interpreting and reflection but still the Lord Christ has been with each of us guiding and helping us to open the Word to understand more fully. He has been present at our sides to help us grow in faith and understanding if only we open our eyes and hearts to see Him there.

  • Marian Potts

    the blogs of others are old and I pray they have had the strength for their difficult journeys. I think the disciples not recognizing Jesus and needing him to open the scripture is like all of us. We can’t do it on our own. Jesus has to open the word to us as we pray. It is not a head trip. He wants us to know Him and seek Him.

  • Blessed are those who did not see yet believe. We have the luxury of seeing the whole story played out for us, with scripture to back it all up. This particular account illustrates the importance that Holy Scripture and the Eucharist have in the Church, for the nourishment of people’s faith. As a medieval writer on Christian living once put it, “The holy books are a consolation and a mirror to my life, and your holy Body my refuge and my strength. Without these, I could not live a good life, for the word of God is the light of my soul, and the Sacrament is the bread that gives life forever”.

  • mg

    Thank you everyone for your prayers.

    I love this image of the road…

    To keep it brief, Jesus appeared and then quickly vanished when he was recognized in all aspects of how one can recognize. Isn’t this so true in our own life…while Jesus and our God doesn’t vanish, he does present himself fully to those that need to see and hear the message the most and then he moves on to reclaim more of our lost. Once he is found he never vanishes, just continues to do the work he set out to do as we all should too.

    Be well,

  • pnkyB4brain

    When the disciples broke bread with Our Risen Lord, “their eyes were opened and they recognized Him.” Luke 24:31. Could this be the ultimate reason why we receive the Holy Eucharist? We NEED to recognize the Lord, Our God.
    Looking back on these readings, the eyes of the chosen people were opened when it served them. Some of the prophets and other characters in the bible knew how important it was to follow God’s commandments and the covenants. I would think that their eyes were opened and focused on God’s Word.
    It all started with Adam and Eve. Their eyes were closed to the Words of God. Since then, we have seen a struggle between good and bad, evil and holiness, etc.
    It is our job now to bring back Christianity into the world with our sincere actions and deeds. The bread we receive today is the Eucharist, the body of our Savior, and the strength we receive after eating this bread is allowing our eyes to be opened and to recognize Our Savior.

  • jacqueline

    The disciples’ lack of faith still didn’t allow them to see that Jesus was walking with them but what they were lacking in faith they made up in their kindness in asking Jesus to stay with them. They only recognised him at the breaking of bread. …”while he was with them at the table, he took the bread and said a blessing, then he broke it and handed it to them” Luke 24:30. Lord open the eyes of my heart so that I can see you and make my heart your dwelling place Amen.

    Thank you Sarah for this magnificent 83 days bible studies journey. I don’t want it to end. It has been a very fruitful journey. The commentaries have given me a much better understanding of this great book and it has certainly enriched my life. I feel truly blessed to have been part of this wonderful group and thank everyone for their contributions. I feel like a true disciple of Jesus Christ and ready to step out of my comfort zone and go give the message to everyone I meet. Thank you all for holding my hand and sharing in this great journey.

    Thanks again Sarah – please let us know when the next leg of the journey starts.

    This study group has helped me cope enormously, as I’m away from my immediate family
    for six months spending time (looking after) my elderly parents 92 year old Mum who suffers from Dementia and Dad who has early signs of Alzheimers. Some days, it is a joy to be around them and some days I wish I could be with my children (but then my prize – I have my bible study course for company). Every day is different. The road to Emmaus has enabled me to see that Jesus walks with us in all our trials. With Mum’s illness, you have to see Jesus, otherwise you would not cope. It is challenging, sometimes I am not as patient as I should be, but with prayer for strength,
    patience and perseverance I can honestly say that it is rewarding, and I thank God again for giving me the opportunity to spend time with them. St Paul says – “I can do all things in him who gives me strength” (Phil 4:13).

    • You are so very welcome! I hope you won’t stop, but will continue on a “side trip” of your own, reading at your own pace and meditating, letting the Lord speak to you. Blessings as you finish this journey!

      • jacqueline

        A special thanks for initiating this great programme of discipleship reaching us in all parts of the world, wherever we may be. This is so needed in this troubled time when so many are rejecting JESUS. May the good Lord continue to bless you richly as you continue to spread this good news.

    • Rosi

      Jacqueline, thank-you for sharing. You are a real blessing for your parents…and even in the absence of being with your children, you are definitely teaching them an important lesson on the true meaning of love. God bless you.

      • jacqueline

        Thanks Rosi.
        I enjoyed most of it, and I thank my good Lord for giving me the opportunity for spending quality time with them. But the good part was that I had my bible study family supporting me. That certainly made me see things differently when the illness took hold and Mum and Dad were not being themselves and also when I was missing the kids. A big thank you to you all.

    • Marianne

      Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorites! I also paraphrase Luke 10:27 in my daily prayer “Jesus, I love you with all my mind, all my heart, all my soul, and BEYOND my strength”. Jacqueline, may you be richly blessed for caring for your elderly parents. Each day spent with your Mum, you not only got to see Jesus, you got to “BE” Jesus through your compassionate care.

      • jacqueline

        Thank you Marianne, Phillipians 4:13 is also one of my favorites, I know that it is God’s grace that kept me going.
        Love and blessings

  • Marianne

    I always get emotional when I read the Passion story. Perhaps the timing of today’s readings, so early on in Lent, will give us encouragement to keep up with our commitments and sacrifices. Over the weekend I saw a beautiful performance of Bach’s St John Passion. It was authentically done; it was even sung in German. It ends at Jesus’ death… so very moving.

    This has been a wonderful journey. My bible study group is talking about repeating the 24 week Bible Timeline (which I missed the first time around). This “brief” online journey will definitely help me when the time comes…

    To the question… when I study the Scriptures, I feel as the disciples did, their “hearts burning [within us] while he spoke to us on the way and opened the Scriptures to us.” (Luke 24:32) Like the disciples, we are called to take what we’ve learned and go forth out into the world no longer as disciples, but as apostles entrusted with the evangelical mission of bringing salvation to all people.

    However, I still have so much more to learn, and I know it will be a lifelong journey. I can’t imagine there will ever come a day that I would be able to say “now I know it all”. Thank You, Lord, for opening my mind to understanding Your Word, which will lead to giving testimony; and that with this understanding You give “a wisdom in speaking that all (my) adversaries will be powerless to resist or refute.” (Luke 21:15) Love you, Jesus!

  • Carla Archuleta

    Awe, we are so blessed to know that God died for our sins. These 83 days have moved quickly and as they have passed I feel very fortunate. It has given me hunger for scripture and becoming closer to God.

    Reading The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus allowed me to know Jesus appear when he was ready and not at anyone else’s call. He want along listening to what they had to say and then in an instance, during the blessing of bread during supper time, he revealed himself to the two men and on his way he went. Same thing with the apostles. He is always with us and as Christians we must believe.

  • Barbara Ann Baugh

    Jesus actually gave a brief of what we have been doing He was probably telling them the story of salvation. A year ago tomorrow, I was told that my cancer was inccurable and I had probably less than three years to live. At that point some people asked me “Do you have a bucket list. I actually thought about what do I really want to do. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and made a list of books of the Bible, I wanted to read. I called it my “Bible Bucket List” I would read one chapter a day I then put the chapters on my calendar. I also signed up for two Bible Study Groups at my church. One of them being the Bible Timeline but those were in addition to my daily reading. I had put Genesis in to begin January 1. Then I found this Online Bible Study talk about the Holy Spirit, At this time, I don’t how far I am from Emmaus but I know I will keep on going. I am drawn to read the Book of Job at this time as that was the one I was going to read after Genesis We won’t have any more Bible Studies until fall ao I will be looking for another online Bible Study If anyone here has any suggestions I would love to hear them

    • Carla Archuleta

      Barbara, you have been on a beautiful ongoing journey with God. I am hoping to hear further online bible study suggestions forthcoming as well.

  • Avila

    This Bible study has been the start of my road to Emmaus. I have never read so much of the Bible, had so much explained to me or been able to share in everyone’s knowledge and insight. It isn’t enough to be told to read the Bible, I needed the back up of guidance, structure, the discipline from being asked to consider a particular access and companionship. Between the end of this study and the 24 week Great Adventure, I will either be looking to see if we are blessed with another online study, or I am going to open my copy of Edward Sri’s Bible Compass and start at Genesis.

    I am so grateful for the privilege of being on this Great Adventure as it is friendly, relaxing yet challenging.

  • Jeanne

    I would have loved to have been one of the men on the road to Emmaus . I would have loved to have Jesus explain the scriptures to me. Then again when he opened the minds of the apostles to understand the scriptures. I am a work in progress as I guess we all are. I find that I am in the right place to learn. Thanks to all. God Bless

    • Barbara Ann Baugh

      I had a priest interpret this scripture this way. The gender of only one of the disciples is stated. He said he likes to think of them as husband and wife. Is that not a beautiful thought?

      • Jeanne

        It certainly is. I never thought of it like that before. Thanks

        • Barbara Ann Baugh

          I believe that in the Gospel of John is mentioned as one of the women who accompanied Jesus to the Cross was Mary the wife of Clopas (slightly different spelling but close enough

  • Fisher

    Through this 90-day challenge, we are allowing Christ to teach us; to reveal His presence among us in our everyday lives. He illuminates for us the true gift of the Eucharist.

  • Fisher

    We are called to live our faith; to grow in understanding of our Lord’s call to us – individually and collectively as Church. We must come to recognize our Lord among us – both in worship and the world, all of creation. I am attaching one of my first papers from my Liturgy class, based upon the Road to Emmaus story. The assignment was to prepare a lecture to present to a class, and actually, I did present this paper as a lecture to the group studying the Acts of the Apostles from the Ascension Press study. It’s kind of long, so no hurt feelings if you don’t feel like reading it all!

  • Gig Rose

    Hello all, I had to drop out of the discussion somewhere along day 65 or so. I have been facilitating the GA Bible Study 24 week and since it was not on the same schedule I found I was confusing what I needed to share with my group. I have missed these posts as they have challenged me to think and read in ways that I did not do before, like the blind man, I wanted to “see” I look forward to returning to the posts and reflecting on all you have shared. Thank you so much, Sarah and everyone else who took time to read, reflect and write what God placed in your hearts!

  • Michelle

    So much of who we are to become and how we can affect those around us can be found in the reading of the Bible. I am far from a Biblical Scholar but my knowledge has grown exponentially over the past 82 days. I have begun discussing the Bible timeline with my youth group and have found so many only have the basic foundation of elementary Bible stories. 82 days ago, this is where I was. My students, are eager to understand God’s teachings more fully and how this “guidebook” will help them to be the servants they are called to be. Now they are reading with more grown up eyes, ears, and minds and it is exciting to discuss with them what they are feeling. This is just as I have felt with you all over the course of the Bible Timeline. We have all shared personal stories of our faith journeys and they have been received with love and kindness. This is just what Jesus asks of us to share His word with others. Personally, I have come to really enjoy Lectio divina as a form of reading the Bible because I feel Jesus truly comes to me with what I need in a more contemplative reading of His inspired word. Not only am I understanding Scripture more but I am learning about God more. I have been told that Jesus loves me. Through a deeper reading and understanding of the Bible I am not only recalling the words I have been told, “Jesus loves me” but actually internalizing this idea and believing it more fully as if Jesus were in front of me and telling me Himself how much He loves me.

  • mg

    Wow everyone so well stated! I too am very thankful for this experience and have a great hunger for more and hope this continues.

    I find myself longing to read scripture and I interpret it differently every time. What a sense of peace it brings me to read the words and spend time with my God.

    I think of this beautiful song, for whatever reason, today and want to share it with you.


  • Ann Basile

    Yes, Sarah, thanks for today’s question. I like to think about the moment of change that these disciples experienced, from utter sadness and despair to blissful jubilation! It was in partaking of God’s beautiful sacrament, the Eucharist, that their eyes were opened. And then they ran to share the Good News with others. They were living God’s Word and it has been given to us to read,reflect on and live ourselves, in community. The community part is so important. I’ve never seen this as clearly as I do now, and that’s one reason this Lenten journey has been so wonderfully different for me. God bless all of you!

  • Beverly Hagar-Schmerse

    As a retired teacher, I was struck by how Jesus picked up the conversation right where the disciples were in their thinking. He was respectful, kind, loving, and gentle…yet moved them to the knowledge He wanted them to learn…Sometimes we need to start where others are at, not where we are at, and then in their time bring them up to where you want them to be. I love this about God. That is why I can read Scripture over and over again and get something new out of it each time. For God moves me at my pace of learning-He is in no hurry to get there..He has so much patience with us. My prayer is that I will be this respectful, kind, gentle, loving, and patient with others as they move on their journey to God…For it is an individual process…and God knows each of us intimately…How great is that!!

  • Andy

    Spending time with Scripture is spending time with God. He uses this time to reveal Himself to us. No matter how many times I read the Bible, my eyes are opened a little more to God’s love and grace in my life.

  • Liza

    Sarah, thank you for this question for us today. This is how I read the passage:
    Jesus walked with them a long distance.
    He told them “How foolish you are!” (they cannot understand without His assistance)
    He interpreted to them what referred to him in the scriptures.
    He was with them in the Eucharist.
    They understood what had happened to them.
    They ran to tell others.

    During this extraordinary journey with you all I know I have travelled a long way in the company of Christ and with you, I am ignorant and hungry for understanding but much has been revealed to me through the Holy Spirit in the words you have shared with me and in things exposed in my heart. I am happy we all share the Eucharist as part of the family of God, I understand more than I did with much more to learn. I feel a strong urge to share with you all and I hope and pray that I will be able to run and tell others about the amazing things we have learnt together.

    I Thank God for Sarah, for all of you and this blessing we share.

    • Fran

      Thank you for this posting Liza. Traveling with all of you in this challenge has brought me new insight & hence closeness to God. This then gave me an idea for my CCD class this week. We will be acting out this very story as we prepare to make their First Holy Communion in a few weeks. In the past, I referred to how just as the disciples met Jesus in the breaking of the bread, we too will meet him in the Eucharist. Now I will add to the lesson how they too have journeyed together as a class in discussions, readings, plays thus getting closer to Jesus & then meeting Him together as a special group in Communion just as the disciples did in Emmaus. This is also an opportunity to tie in the activities we did together over the past year and how we now meet on the road filled with the love of Jesus. Thank you for helping me to think this through! God’s blessings to all.

      • Liza

        What a good idea! God bless.

    • ray larue

      Liza You addressed this so beautifully–I agree with you entirely. I too get so much from from all of the comments made relating to the bible readings THANKS TO ALL OF YOU Ray

  • pnkyB4brain

    It is amazing how one can interpret a reading to suit their own thinking. With these two disciples walking to Emmaus and encountered the Lord, their minds were preoccupied about the past three days and what the future will bring. It was only when Jesus broke the bread and blessed it as He handed the morsels to the disciples that their eyes and heart were opened!
    How many times have I read or even heard something and I listened to what I wanted to hear only. I think that is called “selective hearing/listening”. Not everything in our life falls into place easily as much as we would like. There are struggles, challenges, and temptations along the way. Satan makes sure he tries to gets his wormy hands into our lives to make some of us question the Word of God. (I am not implying that those partaking and/or reading in this discussion group have this problem as I am merely making an observation.) With discussion groups like this and other avenues to ignite the soul to gain more knowledge of the Bible, we, as Catholics continue to stay grounded and steadfast in our faith. Thank you Jesus, Our Savior for bestowing upon us Your sacraments, Your commandments, Your saints and Your constant aid to guide us in the direction of everlasting eternity with God, the Father, You and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.