Discover the Mysteries in John’s Gospel

There’s so much more to John’s Gospel than what meets the eye. In Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John, Dr. Edward Sri shows how John’s Gospel invites us to experience a deeper love and friendship with Christ. In this latest Bible study in The Great Adventure series, you’ll find out why this Gospel soars above the others like an eagle, and you’ll find a renewed relationship with Jesus.

Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John
 will be available the week of June 13. Find out more at

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The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure Bible studies make the complex simple by focusing on the narrative thread in Scripture. They tell the story of salvation history by putting each book of the Bible into context with the big picture of God's word and your own life. From a quick overview of the entire Bible to studies on specific books of the Bible such as Ephesians, The Great Adventure Bible studies help you see what part you play in God's great plan.

  • Prodson

    Our parish has been learning from your fine bible studies for the last few years, including The Bible Timeline, The Psalms, Matthew and Acts. We recently started “Follow Me: Meeting Jesus In the Gospel of John”. To our dismay, we found that this study changed the format of the workbooks by excluding the responses to the study questions. Instead, the responses are only found in the Leader’s Guide, of which we only ordered the one that came with the DVDs. We feel this is an unfortunate omission, since we have found the responses invaluable in the past when seeking to discern some of the, shall we say, obtuse questions the authors posed in the workbooks. Since we have over 60 folks registered and about 8 facilitators serving the small groups, it would cost us a considerable amount more than we budgeted to buy that number of Leader’s Guides, which it is clear was the study’s intention. It would have been nice to have that information before we placed our workbook orders.

  • Ana Amaral