Hosting an “Encountering God: How to Make Sense of the Bible” Information Session is a great way to promote your parish Bible study program. This Information Session will:

  • Explain the benefits of Bible study.
  • Introduce people to an easy way to read and understand the Bible.
  • Encourage people to register for the Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible study at your parish.

What You Need for the Session

 Session Outline

I. Welcome & Opening Prayer (5 minutes)

Here are some suggested opening words for you to use at the Information Session.

LEADER: Welcome! Thank you for joining us. Before we begin, let’s turn our hearts to God in prayer:

Heavenly Father, you sent your Son to reveal your unfailing love for us. Lord Jesus Christ, you sent your Holy Spirit so we may love one another as you have loved us. Holy Spirit, we turn to you and ask you to bless us as we pray. [Pray “Come Holy Spirit” or a prayer of your choice.]

II. Distribute copies of The Bible Timeline Chart to each participant. (5 minutes)

LEADER: In a moment, we will view two short videos that will help us read and understand the Bible, encounter God in Scripture, and see his remarkable plan for our lives. First, I want to make sure everyone has a copy of The Bible Timeline Chart. [Hold up a copy of the Chart. Explain that you will be collecting these at the end of the session.]

This Chart provides an outline of the biblical narrative and shows you how to follow the central story that ties all of Scripture together so that you can get the “big picture” of the Bible. Our second video will explain how to use this Chart.

After we watch these short videos, there will be time for questions. There will also be an opportunity to sign up for a fascinating Bible study our parish is offering, called Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible.

III. Play the Encountering God: How to Make Sense of the Bible Video and The Bible Timeline Chart Video (11 minutes)

IV. Question and Answer Session (10 to 15 minutes)

[This is a great time for your pastor or director of religious education to answer questions about Scripture and the Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible study. It is also a good time to encourage people to sign up for Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible.]

V. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible Study Sign-Up, (8 minutes)

[Hand out the Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible flyers and registration forms.]

LEADER: As Jeff Cavins said, the Bible is much more than a book. It is where God meets us, reveals himself to us, and shares his loving plan for our lives. The Bible Timeline Chart will help you begin to read and understand the Bible; but if you want to discover the riches of Scripture, I invite you to join us for Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. [Hold up the Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible DVD set and Workbook. Explain that they will receive a Bible Timeline Chart if they register for the study.]

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible helps uncover the story woven throughout Scripture so you can get the “big picture” of the Bible. In eight engaging video presentations, Jeff Cavins guides you through salvation history, explains how the Bible reveals God’s loving plan for your life, and provides helpful advice on putting your faith into practice. These videos also feature footage from the Holy Land, animated maps, useful charts and graphics, and beautiful art, which all add to your overall Bible study experience. Each video is followed by a group discussion.

We will be offering this study starting [DATE] on [DAYS] at [TIMES]. Visit to register. [Or you can direct participants to register using the downloadable registration forms.]

VI. Closing, Final Prayer, and Dismissal (2 minutes)

LEADER: Thank you all for joining us. Please consider joining us for Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible!

Let’s close in prayer. [Pray the “Glory Be” or another prayer of your choice.]