Mary’s May Crowning

To honor her during her month, we are diving deeper into eight key mysteries of the Rosary offering reflections on the Blessed Mother’s role through the Gospels and New Testament.


Mary’s May Crowning: Part 1Annunciation Carl Heinrich Bloch

Mary stands here at the turn of salvation history, embodying the faithful of Israel and making way for the Messiah.


Mary’s May Crowning: Part 2Jerónimo_Ezquerra_Visitation

Mary is revered for what God has done in and through her; but she is also called “blessed” for her great faith.


Mary’s May Crowning: Part 3the-mystical-nativity(1)

Anyone who bears Jesus in his or her heart and proclaims him or does his work in the world … is a child of Mary

By Sarah Christmyer
May 10, 2015

La_Pr_sentation_au_temple_effect_2_-300x218Mary’s May Crowning: Part 4

How fitting that Mary and Joseph brought God the Deliverer of Israel to the Temple to fulfill all righteousness.


Mary5 - Finding JesusMary’s May Crowning: Part 5

Mary’s experience of losing Jesus is one we might experience in our spiritual lives. We face trials that cause us anxiety. Prayer becomes dry. We wonder why these troubles have come upon us.


Wedding Feast at Cana

Mary’s May Crowning: Part 6

Jesus may have begun the wedding festivities as Mary’s “plus one” but the carpenter from Nazareth quickly proved himself the invaluable guest.



Mary’s May Crowning: Part 7

There is no room for hesitation when your son or someone you love that much is suffering. You must be there with him.


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