Nunblogger Offers Detailed Review of Follow Me

Earlier this week, Sister Anne Flanagan of the Daughters of St. Paul—the writer behind the Nun Blog—shared her thoughts on Ascension’s newest Bible study, Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.

Sister Anne mentions that the new study is great for Advent or Lent—or any other time of year. You can read her full blog post here.


She commends the study for being “informational” and “a real invitation to discipleship, to a relationship with Jesus through his Word.”

Sister Anne also encourages those interested to consider opening an account on, which allows any group of at least four participants to partake in any of Ascension’s thirty-eight study programs and stream the studies online through the account.

She states, “While I highly recommend that you bring this program to the attention of your pastor and parish adult faith coordinator, why not form your own study circle with a group from your neighborhood and extended family?”

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