Who among us, were we kidnapped twice,
Between age sixteen and twenty-two,

Being carried away to a faraway isle,


Would not have developed a heart of ice?
Could we endure what he would then do:

Return, on a dream, traveling many a mile?

Not only return, but fight to do so
Against his superiors, even his kin,

Causing him countless struggles and tears.

Yet still he insisted; God willed him to go
Despite opposition, this fight he’d win.

Though he would battle for fourteen long years.

He travelled all over, from coast to coast
Of this pagan land where men worshipped trees,

Bringing the words of salvation in heaven.

And, while he’d never, he had reason to boast
As his thousands of converts included these:

Two kings, plus the sons of a third (numbering seven).

At first, an assistant (the Crozier came later);
Later still the first primate: Armagh was his see:

Pope Leo Commanded he be named this.

But if Leo was “Great,” then Patrick, still greater:
His flock sent out many a missionary
Which would convert the English, the French and the Swiss.

This poem was first published on The Great Adventure Blog on March 17, 2015. 

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Matt Dunn

Matthew joined Ascension Press in 2014. Matt studied political science, business technology, and business management at Delaware County Community College and Temple University. Poetry is not his only creative outlet: when not in the office, he can be found on stage as a member of Stealth Tightrope, a local improvisational comedy troupe, or as a musician. A clarinetist with the Merion Concert Band, Matthew also enjoys playing professionally alongside his wife, Susan, who is a professional pianist, vocalist, and composer.