Planning Your Study

Assemble a Core Team of people to help you plan, promote, facilitate, and run your study.

Make sure you have the necessary facilities and equipment including: a video player, tables for participants, and a room large enough for everyone.

Bible Study GroupsFor small group discussions, divide your participants into groups of 8-12. Round tables are ideal for group discussion.

Familiarize yourself with how to run the study and how the study works.

Important Considerations: Having refreshments, tablecloths, and other decorations is a nice way of creating a welcoming and hospitable environment for participants. Offering child care, if possible, makes it easy for people with small children to attend your study.

Promoting Your Study

There are many ways you can promote your study, and we have many free, promotional tools to help you. Here are some of the best ways to get the word out:

  1. Have your pastor promote your study using our pulpit announcements.
  2. Personally invite people.
  3. Host a “How to Make Sense of the Bible” Information Session.
  4. Place our customizable posters and flyers at your parish.
  5. Announce the study in your parish bulletin and on your parish website.
  6. Provide registration tables after Sunday Masses.
  7. Email your list of parish contacts.
  8. Use social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).
  9. Put your study on our locator map.
  10. Take advantage of our Bible Timeline Chart loaner program.

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Leader Support