How the Catholic Faith Fulfills Old Testament Promises

Frequently in my travels and interactions, I hear how confused and flustered Catholics feel when confronted by sincere questions from fallen-away Catholics or non-Catholics who measure Catholicism by the Bible. Understanding one’s Catholic faith concisely, especially from the Bible, has…

The Story of Easter Calls Us to Evangelize

In the teaching of Vatican II and all the popes since, we hear over and over again that evangelization is the primary task of the Church. In fact, in 1983, Pope John Paul II declared, “I sense that the time has come for the Church to focus all of its energies on a new evangelization.”

A Strange Anointing: Glory in Suffering

When God first began teaching me about suffering, I was a young, non-Catholic, and found the whole subject completely depressing. As a rule, most non-Catholics have no theology of suffering. I, personally, had no handle on the glory of suffering, and using those two words in the same sentence seemed, well, stupid, honestly. I wanted the Gospel to be health and wealth and prosperity.