A Sonnet of Michael

“Defending us in Battle,” What’s that mean?
I don’t see any evidence of war:
No swords or shields or fire that I’ve seen,
So what is all of this protection for?

Do wicked snares abound, just out of sight?
How often are you casting into hell,
Those prowling spirits which you daily fight:
A once proud race that sadly (through pride) fell.

My life is comf’trble, is this a fluke?
Or is it only so because of you
As you enforce God’s heavenly rebuke
Through all the noble work your armies do.

I ponder now, with all I do not see
How frightening (without you) my life could be.

Matt Dunn

Matthew joined Ascension Press in 2014. Matt studied political science, business technology, and business management at Delaware County Community College and Temple University. Poetry is not his only creative outlet: when not in the office, he can be found on stage as a member of Stealth Tightrope, a local improvisational comedy troupe, or as a musician. A clarinetist with the Merion Concert Band, Matthew also enjoys playing professionally alongside his wife, Susan, who is a professional pianist, vocalist, and composer.