These videos, presented by Karyn O’Neel, explain how to plan, promote, organize, and facilitate a life-changing Catholic Bible study program at your parish.

1. Starting The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study

In this video, Karyn explains where to begin, how to get the support of your pastor, and how to get a team together to help you.

2. Planning for Your Study

Here Karyn explains some of the logistical considerations, including: scheduling, reserving facilities, estimating attendance, and running the study.

3. Promoting Your Study

In this video, Karyn explains the best ways to get the word out about your study, and describes how to keep participants engaged and interested so that they will enjoy being a part of the study, and will stick with it.

4. Preparing Small-Group Facilitators

Karyn explains what a small-group facilitator does, and how to prepare your small-group facilitators.

5. Facilitating a Small-Group Discussion

This video explains how to facilitate a lively and fruitful Bible study discussion.

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