Undoer of Knots

One time, I looked around, and, seeing no one there,
Understood that I was all alone.
Raising my hand to her, knowing I needed precious care,Undoer of Knots

Let her lead through dark unknown
And, trusting her guidance, although I could not see
Drew close to her protective veil
“Yes,” I said to her, using the words that she

Used herself at Gabriel’s “hail”
Not aware what lay ahead, but trusting in her stride
Down paths with heart unsure
Of why, but knowing I could trust my guide.
Even unknowing what was in store.
Rather, I placed my trust right alongside my hand

Or, turned it over to her will,
For when it came to this harsh track ‘cross desert land

Knives, packs, tools; all worth nil
Next to her knowledge and her gentle soul
On this I’d trust her o’er everyone
That, in following her lead I’d reach the goal
Since she leads always to her son.

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Matt Dunn

Matthew joined Ascension Press in 2014. Matt studied political science, business technology, and business management at Delaware County Community College and Temple University. Poetry is not his only creative outlet: when not in the office, he can be found on stage as a member of Stealth Tightrope, a local improvisational comedy troupe, or as a musician. A clarinetist with the Merion Concert Band, Matthew also enjoys playing professionally alongside his wife, Susan, who is a professional pianist, vocalist, and composer.