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Art and the New Evangelization: How Beauty Will Save the World

(The following is adapted from a live presentation delivered at the Ascension Summit in October of 2017) When I was eight years old I had an experience that set a trajectory for my whole life. I was lying in bed, I...

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Weeds Among the Wheat: Donatism and Why I’m Still Catholic

Lent proved to be a tremendous blessing for me this year. Like many others, I gave up, or at least greatly limited my time spent on electronic devices. What I had intended to be a penance turned out to be a gift.

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Allow Jesus to Shepherd You

In this week's video for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Jeff Cavins reflects on what Jesus means when he says he is the Good Shepherd.

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Living Your Vocation Like a Good Shepherd 

In John 10:11-18 Jesus presents three distinct characters; the Good Shepherd, the hired hand, and the wolf. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He lays his life down for his sheep. FYI: you’re the sheep.

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Is It Ever Morally OK to Lie?

"The church claims to be absolute. It also claims that a morally wrong action is always evil no matter the circumstances. The church says lying is a morally wrong action. It has also said at a different time that it's okay to lie to save a life and even occasionally obligatory. So how can the church be absolute? Please explain."

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Moral Relativism and the Culture of ‘Meh’

Perhaps you’ve seen the Walking Dead? I don’t mean the TV series, I mean the actual zombies walking past, driving cars, eating food with glowing faces hunched over a device

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