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The Ultimate Guide to Running a Catholic Bible Study

Starting a Catholic Bible study can be intimidating—but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled all of the insider tips and essential information from the past twenty years of working side by side with our amazing Bible study leaders. This guide...

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The Benedict Option: Benefits and Dangers

I’ve found that the phrase "the Benedict Option" stirs hearts and minds, some in favor and some vehemently opposed. And some have wildly different perceptions of what exactly the Benedict Option refers to

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You Shall Not Kill … in War?

 Exodus 20:13 states “You Shall Not Kill.” In light of this, we received a question from someone who served in the Navy and asked “Is it a sin to kill in war?”

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Form and Matter in the Sacraments (Continued)

In this post we continue our look at form, matter, and intent in sacraments. Previously, we explored the who, what, when, where, and how of the sacraments of initiation. As a refresher, intention, form, and matter, are the absolute minimum...

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Could Islam Be a Heresy?

Catholic author and historian Hilaire Belloc called Islam “the great and enduring heresy of Mohammed”. It would be good to shed light on what he means here

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The Missions of Sts. Peter and Paul Passed on to Us

Christian devotion to Saints Peter and Paul is of a most ancient origin. The special Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul has always been celebrated in Rome.

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