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The Ultimate Guide to Running a Catholic Bible Study

Starting a Catholic Bible study can be intimidating—but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled all of the insider tips and essential information from the past twenty years of working side by side with our amazing Bible study leaders. This guide...

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What If We Just Wrote About What We Believed?

Just write. This has been my mantra for the better portion of my life, and it has gotten me into some pretty tight spots and heated debates, some scolding admonishments and some harsh criticisms. The bad has outweighed the good,...

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Reaching Various Catholic Groups with the Gospel

As a Church, we need to always live in the realm of what is “real and true,” including how we need to carry out our evangelization efforts so that all Catholics are impacted by the message of the gospel. To...

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Deleting Debate: McCarrick, Capital Punishment, and the Demise of Discourse

Have talking points killed actual talking? In an era defined by polarization, I fear that humans have abandoned the ability to communicate via exchanging points of view. Recent trends, both in and out of the Catholic realm, seem to have...

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The Sacramentality and Indissolubility of Marriage

As I deepen in my understanding of the theology and sacramentality behind marriage, the more I want to share it with my peers, friends, and family.

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Death Penalty Teaching: The Faithful Have Questions

The text opens by stating that for a long time the death penalty was considered an appropriate response to crime and a means to safeguard the common good.

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