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The Ultimate Guide to Running a Catholic Bible Study

Starting a Catholic Bible study can be intimidating—but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled all of the insider tips and essential information from the past twenty years of working side by side with our amazing Bible study leaders. This guide...

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Liberty, How Can We Rediscover You?

If you enter the old CIA headquarters lobby, one thing you will notice are the words of Christ chiseled into the marble wall. Taken from John 8:32, the engraving reads:   “AND YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH...

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Embracing Confirmation Prep as a Challenge and an Opportunity

Confirmation is one of those few intersections that the Church—in all its beauty and power—has in the lives of the average Catholic.

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Missing Mass and More on the Nature of Sin

Among the more frequently addressed types of questions we respond to, questions of morality come up the most often. Some moral questions require nuance, understanding, and a deeper look. Others are straightforward. Today’s question fits in the second category. Victor...

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Abortion Vote in Ireland Betrays Nation’s Heritage

When the people of Ireland voted to remove from their constitution the provision that protected unborn children, people the world over looked on

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What Does the Church Say about Capitalism?

In a previous post, I treated the Church’s critique of communism, both at the moral and spiritual level, as well as on economic grounds in terms of what is most befitting to human dignity and human freedom. While the Church...

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