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Recent Articles

Unpacking Confirmation, Baptism, and the Birth of the Church

There are only a handful of birthdays that we celebrate in the liturgical life of the Church. The first, of course, is the Nativity of our Lord. But then we also celebrate the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist as well.

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A New Covenant and the Coming of the Holy Spirit

Did you know the feast of Pentecost predates the coming of the Holy Spirit?  It’s true. The disciples were gathered to celebrate a Jewish feast.

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A New Feast: Mary, Mother of the Church

As Catholic Christians, we have a lot of love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. We have this love for her because our Lord Jesus loved her so much. He loved her so much that he gave his own mother to...

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The Reality and Mercy of Hell

Over the years, I have found that many believing Catholics struggle with the reality of hell. First, we should be clear about what the Church teaches: Hell is real and eternal, and its chief punishment is a permanent separation from...

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Do You Believe What Jesus Said before the Ascension?

Do we believe Jesus’ words?  I think most practicing Catholics would say “yes, of course we do.” Then they may cite Jesus’ words to Peter in Matthew 16:18, “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build...

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The Truth May Never Be in Fashion. That’s OK. (A Met Gala Reflection)

You couldn’t escape if you tried.  Every media outlet, from the New York Times to the Irish Times, with USA Today and everyone else in between has been discussing the Met Gala. This annual fund-raising event and social gathering in...

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