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Recent Articles

Allow Jesus to Shepherd You

In this week's video for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Jeff Cavins reflects on what Jesus means when he says he is the Good Shepherd.

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Moral Relativism and the Culture of ‘Meh’

Perhaps you’ve seen the Walking Dead? I don’t mean the TV series, I mean the actual zombies walking past, driving cars, eating food with glowing faces hunched over a device

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Close Encounters with Utilitarianism and Nationalism

Upon giving it some reflection, I can distinctly recall the first serious encounter I had with a philosophical idea. It was through a medium that generally leads to them, namely pop culture. If culture is the photo, then philosophy is...

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New Documentary Addresses The Dating Crisis

The Dating Project, a one-day theater event, will be in select theaters April 17. The documentary examines why commitment seems so elusive for some. Get you tickets here. This article was first published on CatholicDigest.com. If you have a child or...

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How Catholics Can Get a Clean Start with God

In this week's readings for the Third Sunday of Easter, Jeff Cavins reminds us that we can go to confession for a clean start, as he reflects on the day's Scripture passages.

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5 Ways to Heal Wounds Caused by Sexual Indignity

“Wounds need to be treated, so many wounds! So many wounds! There are so many people who are wounded by material problems, by scandals… People wounded by the world’s illusions…”—Pope Francis

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