Ascension’s Core Values

Ascension’s mission is to present the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith as the sure path to authentic happiness in a hurting world. Through powerful media and shared group experiences, we strive to answer the longings of the human heart with the transformative power of the gospel. The following articles are inspired by our core values of humility, integrity, fidelity, charity, passion, holiness, and joy. 

C. S. Lewis on HumilityTarrants_kneel (1)

For Lewis, humility is not a matter of thinking less of ourselves—but less about ourselves, forgetting ourselves and turning outward in love. Read More


Sacrifice of Isaac, Caravaggio, c. 1604Abraham: Model of Faithfulness

The works of Abraham were works of faithfulness—living in response to the promises of God not yet realized. Read More


charityCharity: Mark of a True Disciple

Charity comes from God; it’s a fruit of the Spirit and grace. Charity is the hallmark of the disciple. Read More


IntegrityMy Promise and Purpose Await in Integrity

Anyone who has spent time in God’s word and been convicted there of sin has experienced his own lack of integrity in the presence of God’s purity. Read More


HolinessHoliness—in the Bible and Beyond

New Testament holiness reaches to the heart. While the Old Testament does emphasize internal transformation, this is a distinguishing mark of the New Covenant. Read More


austin-schmid-37423 (1)

Take Joy in What God Takes Joy in!

Joy is one of the constant themes in the Sacred Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. Read More


passionHow to Offer Jesus My Passion

Passion is commonly used to denote striving for personal expression, and in this sense it is morbidly fascinating that Jesus’ suffering is said to be and truly was his passion. Read More


The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure Bible studies make the complex simple by focusing on the narrative thread in Scripture. They tell the story of salvation history by putting each book of the Bible into context with the big picture of God's word and your own life. From a quick overview of the entire Bible to studies on specific books of the Bible such as Ephesians, The Great Adventure Bible studies help you see what part you play in God's great plan.