Register participants for your study, and ensure that everyone has their study materials.

Recruit small group facilitators to oversee the small group discussions. Make sure you have enough small group facilitators to accommodate groups of 8-12.

Running the Study

There are two ways you can offer a study:

  1. Use Our Digital Study Platform at
    • Simply select and purchase the study you would like to offer at You can preview the first video from all of our programs.
    • You can direct participants to register at, or you can pay for their registrations for them. Registration for participants includes access to study videos.
  2. Go to or call 1-800-376-0520 and speak to Study Consultant to purchase and receive physical materials (DVDs and workbooks).

How Does the Study Work?

Unlocking the Mystery the Bible has three essential components:

1. Home preparation: Includes Bible readings and study questions provided in the Workbook.
2. Video presentations: Provided in the DVD series.
3. Small group discussion: Led by a small-group facilitator using the Leader’s Guide.

The Great Adventure Foundational Series has four components:

1. Home preparation: Includes Bible readings and study questions provided in the Study Set.
2. Small group discussion: Led by a small group facilitator who also uses the Study Set.
3. Video presentation: Provided in the DVD series.
4. Review of Responses: Provided in the Study Set.

Who can facilitate a small group discussion?

A small-group facilitator does not lead the discussion; he or she simply makes it possible. Facilitators do not need to be catechists, theologians, or counselors. They just need to be dedicated and humble, good listeners who are able to keep the discussion on track and on time.

Learn how to facilitate a small-group discussion.

How much time is needed to do the study?

Study times vary. Here are a few examples:

Bible Study

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible


8 Sessions

Suggested Time

(90 minutes)
15 min. prayer & review
30 min. video
40 min. discussion
5 min. closing

Bible Study

The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation


24 Sessions

Suggested Time

(105 minutes)
10 min. prayer & overview
40 min. discussion
50 min. video
5 min. closing

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How to Start Your Bible Study

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