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Why is the God of the Old Testament so Vengeful and Violent?

This is a common question among believers and nonbelievers alike. It is often raised after hearing a Scripture reading at Mass such as this one from the book of Isaiah: From of old no one has heard or perceived by...

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A Lenten Journey through Scripture

We were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world! (see Eph 1:4). To that end, God set out to find us long before we thought to look for him.  In fact, all through history, God has been seeking us.  His...

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Here’s a Unique Way to Promote a Bible Study

Sometimes all that’s needed to draw people’s attention to a Bible study is a little extra sweetness, like the Bible candies being used to promote the Great Adventure study in St. Anselm Parish in Wayside, New Jersey. The Great Adventure...

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What does Mary’s assumption have to do with us?

Sometimes we can look at the unique privileges of Mary and merely admire them from afar.  She’s the Immaculate Conception. She’s the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  She’s the Mother of God. We marvel at what God did for Mary, but we...

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A Trip to the Adoration Chapel

I entered and knelt down, Saw one other there, But he soon crossed himself and left. Hearing no other sound, I thought, "Is this fair?" Of companions, your house: bereft.

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National Catholic Bible Conference is Back!

In Sacred Scripture, God calls us to do more than just believe in him. He calls us to a life-changing, and life-giving relationship with him – to be a part of his Divine Family. At the 2015 National Catholic Bible...

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