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Scripture & Tradition: From Jewish Roots

It is an all too common occurrence, Catholics leaving the Church because one well-intended Bible believing Christian challenged their faith by asking one question, “Where is that in the Bible?” Suddenly, the scope of truth has been confined to a...

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Scripture & Tradition: The Story & the Life

The Bible. For some, the very words evoke feelings of warmth and wisdom, but for many Catholics today, the Bible can be chronologically confusing and its meaning hard to grasp. How tragic this is in light of the fact that...

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Scripture & Tradition: Bringing Harmony

The perception from the outside is that the Catholic Church is big. I remember those first weeks when my interest in the Church was stimulated by the writings of Pope John Paul II. Before understanding the details of doctrine, liturgy...

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Resurrection Day

I can feel the world changing and see the dawning of new life. The Son is risen! If it’s really true we’ve the world to tell. By this joy, meaning is given to all our unanswered strife. My spirit rings...

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Sepulchre Sonnet

The stone is not rolled back away as yet; The sunlight of the sabbath still prevails. One last sabbath days rest – for Him; we fret And ponder Friday’s dark and grim details.  The calendar says “Holy Saturday,” And Holey,...

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Scriptural Rosary for Good Friday

The Rosary is, as Pope St. John Paul II said, a way of contemplating the mysteries of the life of Christ in “the school of Mary”—the one who knows him best. Below are five mysteries for contemplating the inner anguish...

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