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Giving Thanks in Good Times and in Bad

"by giving thanks in the difficult times of our lives ... our hearts are lifted above the situation."

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Why We Celebrate Christ the King Today

The Liturgy of the Word from Revelation for the Feast of Christ the King reminds us Jesus is “. . . ‘the Alpha and the Omega,’

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Messianic Fulfillment II and The Church

If the cross is the coronation of Jesus as the messianic king, and if Jesus’ resurrection marks the momentous beginnings of a new creation, then the story of Jesus’ kingship needs a kingdom, and the first day of the new creation can only mean more work lies ahead.

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Maccabean Revolt & Messianic Fulfillment

The conquests of Alexander the Great spread Greek culture across the Near East, providing a new basis for unity in territories otherwise characterized by more diverse, regional ways of life.

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Divided Kingdom, Exile and Return

Solomon’s increasing infidelity sowed seeds of division throughout the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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Conquest & Judges and the Royal Kingdom

After the exodus and desert wanderings, Joshua leads the Israelites into the Promised Land triumphantly and they settle there.

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