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Rethink the Prayer God Gave You: Three Invitations to the Our Father, Part 2

When we have faith in the Father’s character as a loving parent (Invitation #1), and love him with filial boldness (Invitation #2), it gives us the hope we need to face the challenges of life.

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Rethink the Prayer God Gave You: Three Invitations to the “Our Father,” Part 1

There is probably no prayer more widely known than the Our Father. Sadly, that familiarity can sometimes breed contempt.

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How to Share Your Faith with Friends and Family Who Lost Theirs

There is not an easy “one size fits all” approach to these encounters.

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3 Keys to Loving Dad This Year and Every Year

Honoring Dad isn't a one day deal. It's a daily commitment that goes back to the 10 Commandments.

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Why You Should Witness to God’s Power with Rock Piles

When God acts powerfully in your life, set up a stone of remembrance.

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