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Recent Articles

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeff Cavins discusses the parable Jesus tells at the home of the Pharisee.

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A Road Map for the New Evangelization

Many Catholics want to evangelize. They just do not have a comprehensive way to go about it.

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Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeff Cavins discusses what Christ means when he says we must walk through the narrow door to be saved.

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The Assumption of Mary: A Sign of Good Things to Come

Her being taken to heaven body and soul is a foretaste of what God also has in store for us.

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A Catholic View of Shame and Modesty

“Only the person can feel shame because only the person by his nature may not be an object of use.”

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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeff Cavins encourages us to "run the race" and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, reflecting on St. Paul's words in the Sunday Readings.

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