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How Did We Get the Catholic Canon of Scripture?

The question of how the canon of Scripture is formulated is an extremely important question of fundamental theology.

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Guardian Angels, Watch over Us

Our angels are immersed in the awareness and presence of God as they watch over us.

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Feast of Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

Most of what we know about angels in general is scattered and sometimes simply “hinted” at throughout the Bible, but 2000 years of Church theology helps clarify what is there.

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Even Your Practice is Beautiful

As the World Meeting of Families draws to a close, I have been reflecting on my own family through the lens of its theme, Love Is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.

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The Beauty of Marriage from a Biblical Perspective

Marriage is not a “side teaching” of the Bible, marriage is a central theme of God’s Word, arguably the central theme.

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Abiding in Christ: Reflection on the Gospel of John

By standing firmly and faithfully in the gospel, Christ remains in us.

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