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Acts 2: Rush of a Mighty Wind

On Pentecost the Spirit invades creation in a new way.

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Thomas Smith, presenter of The Prophets encourages people to attend the National Catholic Bible Conference at Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, Pa. June 19-20.

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Mary’s May Crowning: Part 5

Mary’s experience of losing Jesus is one we might experience in our spiritual lives. We face trials that cause us anxiety. Prayer becomes dry. We wonder why these troubles have come upon us.

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Mary’s May Crowning: Part 4

How fitting that Mary and Joseph brought God the Deliverer of Israel to the Temple to fulfill all righteousness.

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He Ascended into Heaven

St. Augustine said the Feast of the Ascension "is that feast which confirms the grace of all the feasts together, without which the profitableness of every feast would have perished."

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Mary’s May Crowning: Part 3

Anyone who bears Jesus in his or her heart and proclaims him or does his work in the world ... is a child of Mary

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