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So Was King David Real?

In the last few decades of excavations in the Holy Land, evidence has come to light that has doubting scholars looking foolish...

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St. Mark’s Action-packed Gospel

As we celebrate the life of St. Mark, it’s appropriate we reflect on his greatest gift to us – the Gospel of Mark.  Though it’s the shortest of the four Gospels, it is no less rich, complex and powerful. Imagine...

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The Wonder of Woman

Why create a character, when we know a real Wonder Woman? The Bible doesn’t offer many specifics about Mary, but we know she was a wonderer.

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Biblical Superpowers: Miracles in Acts of the Apostles

During the Easter Season we spend every week hearing about Christ’s Resurrection appearances and the amazing feats of boldness and logically inexplicable activity in the Acts of the Apostles. Ever Wonder What “Miracle” Means The word “miracle” comes from a...

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The Despair of Judas versus the Sorrow of Peter: A Lifesaving Difference

The key difference between Peter and Judas is that Peter’s mourning includes a glimmer of hope and a sense of God’s infinite mercy.

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Divine Mercy Sunday & St. John Paul II

I rejoiced with many Catholic when the pope announced the establishment of Divine Mercy Sunday as a new title for the Octave Sunday of Easter

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