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Recent Articles

Hail, Full of Grace: The Immaculate Conception Explained

In this video from "Mary: A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother,” Dr. Edward Sri explains Mary's Immaculate Conception and shows how this teaching is supported by Scripture.

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Third Sunday of Advent

Jeff Cavins talks about the authenticity of Christ in this week's Encountering the Word reflection for the Third Sunday in Advent.

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A Biblical Reflection on the Hail Mary

The first thing to note about the “Hail Mary” is that it comes right out of Scripture.

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Second Sunday of Advent

Jeff Cavins shares how St. John the Baptist's message for the Second Sunday of Advent can help us prepare for the coming of Christ.

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What Happens When the Next Generation Isn’t Taught the Bible?

As our society becomes more and more secularized, the children of today are less and less exposed to the Bible and the gospel message.

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Giving Thanks in Good Times and in Bad

"by giving thanks in the difficult times of our lives ... our hearts are lifted above the situation."

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