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Recent Articles

A Lesson from the Cherubim: Sing When It Hurts

At the times when we are most discouraged, most weary, the angels teach us what we must do. We must SING! Angels are actively engaged in the unceasing praise of God.

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On the Solemnity of Peter and Paul

I lie on rocky ground While drifting in and out of dreams One dream which I have found Is more realistic than it seems

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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeff Cavins reflects on the readings for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

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The Beauty of Marriage from a Biblical Perspective

Marriage is not a “side teaching” of the Bible, marriage is a central theme of God’s Word, arguably the central theme.

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Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Focusing on the connection between this Sunday’s Old Testament and New Testament readings, Jeff Cavins discusses how we must put Christ before all else if we choose to follow him.

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St. John Paul II’s Love & Responsibility: A Bird’s Eye View

Man is made ultimately for love; in making a gift of himself in love, man truly finds himself—truly finds the happiness for which his heart longs

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