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Stuart’s Study Reviews Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

Stuart Dunn has provided a solid and in-depth review of Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible.

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These 3 Plans Will Transform Your Parish

A single study, no matter how good it might be, simply is not capable of spiritually reigniting a parish.

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Memorial: Passion of John the Baptist

John the Baptist is in a sense the last of the Old Testament prophets who point toward the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ

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Bibles and BBQ

Almost ten years ago, my husband attended a small class at our parish, St. Vincent de Paul in Colorado, where a new video program was being launched—the Great Adventure Bible Study.

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Sunday Reflection: “Be Subordinate”

Husbands are called to total self sacrifice for their wive’s happiness, well being and sanctity.

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Feast Day: Queenship of Mary

She is Queen of Heaven by the mere fact that she is the mother of Jesus, but beyond that, she is deserving and qualified for the position as well.

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