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Recent Articles

The Bible and Tradition

A discussion of whether or not the Bible is all we need to know God must first begin with a discussion of what the Bible is and what it is not.

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Digging out of Depression

If you’re struggling in the depths of depression, take to heart that Elijah—one of the greatest prophets—dealt with extended depression and God pulled him out.

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The Divinity of Jesus

How do we know Jesus is God? On the one hand, the Gospel of John is very clear regarding the divinity of Jesus.

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Epiphany:  Finding Christ after Christmas

Twelve days after Christmas, when our gifts are put away and we've all but forgotten that baby in the manger, we're ready to be pointed back toward him.

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Packing for the New Year: What to Bring, What to Leave Behind

Like any trip or pilgrimage we prepare for, we have to ask ourselves spiritually, “What do we pack and what do we leave behind?”

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Mirror Images: Entering into the Mystery of Christmas

There is far more going on at Jesus’ birth than many of us realize upon first glance.

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