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Walking with Jesus through His Passion

During the Paschal Triduum, it can be helpful to think throughout the day about what Jesus would have been going through at any particular time. The Synoptic Gospels present the Last Supper as a Passover Seder meal. Such meals, which...

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The Annunciation: ‘Greatest Event in Our History’

In Fra Angelico’s painting of the Annunciation, Mary listens to the golden words of Gabriel while the word of God — the Scripture she’s been reading–lays open on her lap.  God’s word is about to become God’s Word; he’s about...

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Four Sides of the Same Coin: When the Gospels “disagree”

The Holy Spirit inspired the Gospel writers in different ways and with different routes to the same proverbial truth.

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St. Joseph: A Father Like No Other

God the Father specifically called and designed Joseph to be the living embodiment of manhood and fatherhood to the second Person of the Holy Trinity during his most formative years.

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Who among us, were we kidnapped twice, Between age sixteen and twenty-two, Being carried away to a faraway isle,

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The Psalms: Prayers from the Heart of a King

This article was adapted from a talk given by Bishop Kurt Burnette at St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Hillsborough, New Jersey on February 20, 2015. “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork”...

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