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God’s Army: the Truth about Angels

Our perception of angels often comes more from the depictions we’ve seen in art or film than from the word of God.

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Martha: A Disciple Jesus Loved

Martha knew, in her heart, God’s power over death – much as Abraham knew that if Isaac died, God could bring him back to life again.

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St. James: Witness and Martyr

St. James was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples and the first one of them to be martyred.

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Mary Magdalene: Symbol of the Church

There are few figures in the Gospels that are as fascinating to me as Mary Magdalene.

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HIS Story is YOUR Story: Part 5

As Catholics we should never read the Bible with an attitude that ties the Old Testament strictly to the Jews, and the New Testament to Christians.

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How Not to Read the Scriptures

The first time I picked up a Bible and started to read, I was irritated by the time I got to the third chapter of Genesis.

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