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Comfortably Uncomfortable: The Challenge of Evangelization

These two theological giants didn’t necessarily start out all that humble. Both Simon and Saul (Peter and Paul) were, like us, works in progress.

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Laudato Si, Creation & Humanism

The heart of Pope Francis’ new encyclical derives from the Christian perspective of creation — that the world stems from the hand of an all-powerful Creator...

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John the Baptist’s Nativity and God’s Will

When we react to God’s will or Church teaching, from the “realistic” position of our culture we are acting in just the same way Zechariah did.

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Why Pray to Mary and the Saints?

There is a connection between the Body of Christ that is already in heaven and those who are still on earth.

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No Ordinary Joe: St. Barnabas

Barnabas believed Saul’s story, took him to meet the Apostles in Jerusalem (Acts 9:27) and became his missionary companion

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Getting Closer to Jesus

People often ask, “How can I get closer to Jesus?” The answer to that question is actually quite simple, “get closer to Jesus” like the twelve disciples did. They understood the dynamic relationship between a rabbi and a disciple. Two...

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